Monday, September 28, 2009

Sketchings for Wedding Invitation

I was asked to whip something up for Dad's wedding invitation, so being that his fiance is English, I went with an Aussie/English combo of Wrens and Robins and Wattle and Holly. I quite like how finished piece turned out. But here's just the birds on their own.


  1. Hey! I like it! Nice and simple.

    OI! OI! OI!

    I haven't heard from ya since ya went to see Big foot in the great woods of North America! I hope you survived. I sent ya a convo on Esty some one thousand years ago...(it'd been a while). I sent ya an illustration of some mices a while back....I hope gravity worked and they appeared down under....cheers!


  2. Hey! I'm seriously so slack!! Sorry! And yes I remember!...(Hopefully I emailed you in the meantime though and not just now. I have you on facebook anyway) I think I need to work out how to get comments to send to my email address... I actually bout a book a while of artists sketchings of miceys and thought of you. Tis very cute :) Hope you're well!!